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See A NATIONAL Winning Middle School Essay from Fall 2015!

Fall 2015 InvestWrite Grades 6 - 8           National Winning Essay



Everybody is crazy for apps! There is an app that can tune your guitar—or your ukulele if you have one. There’s an app that will blow out your birthday candles. There’s even one that will turn your phone into a metal detector! Imagine an app that helps people make investment decisions. Think about what you’ve learned in the Stock Market Game. What would the app need to be highly rated? What would the menu include? Consider what the first screen might tell a new user about investing and what features could help users make better long-term investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. What would the app have the investor do to increase their portfolio value over time? What website links would it have? What would make you want to download the app and use it right away?  Be creative! You can even come up with a unique name for the app!


Explore the examples above and using your own ideas and research, discuss the features of this app that would make it a successful long-term investment tool. Reflect on an investment in your own Stock Market Game portfolio, or a stock or bond or mutual fund in which you are interested. Describe that investment and why you selected it. Explain how this app could be helpful to you when making decisions for your financial future. 

Winning Student: Abby Teitelbaum
Winning Teacher:  Michelle Humphrey
Grade: 7th
Place: Pleasant Hill Middle School, Pleasant Hill, MO

Abby's Winning Essay:

Stock Ease

The Stock Market is a great way to invest in stocks that you enjoy and keep track of your favorite brands. However, 52% of Americans don’t invest in the Stock Market. An app could solve this problem. I present to you a new app that helps people make decisions and learn about the Stock Market, called StockEase.

StockEase is an easy-to-use app, just as the name suggests. The first screen of this app would give the viewer a tutorial of how to use StockEase as well as what it means to invest in a stock. As the viewer progresses through StockEase, various items such as price-to-earnings ratios, dividends, how a stock rises, peaks, and plunges will be explained. This would help the viewer understand more about how the Stock Market works and how to invest their money.

StockEase would have various menu items located at the bottom of the screen to help the viewer experience the most of the Stock Market. The menu would include current events such as news, new brands, trends in the stock market, links to websites such as CNN and Yahoo Finance, expert opinions on how stocks are doing, and the best stocks in the market. A notifications tab would be included at the top of the screen, where you can learn about how well the stocks in your portfolio are doing, as well as a link to your portfolio.

When the viewer selects a stock that they are interested in, they will be given the stock’s name, how high or low the stock is during that day, various charts to show how well the stock is doing compared to how it has done in the past, and links to news concerning the stock. This screen will also provide videos predicting how the stock will do and when they gave their most recent dividend, it will give their current price, and it will have a simple way to invest in a stock. The “Trade” button will help you contact a broker and add the stock to your portfolio. If you aren’t ready to invest in the stock, you can select the “Notify” button and choose the price you want the stock to drop before investing.

Located at the top of the screen would be the search bar. Here, the viewer could search for stocks by looking up their favorite brands, the stock’s financial acronym, and they can refine their search by “cost” or “best of the Stock Market”. There would also be a Help Center for questions about StockEase and Settings that can help you turn off notifications or turn off the tutorials in the app. This would be useful for people that download the StockEase app but already know how the Stock Market works.

This app can help someone if they aren’t sure if they want to invest. For example, if a viewer wanted to try a stock, they could press “Notify” but they don’t need to press “Invest”. The “Notify” button will still notify them and can provide suggestions on whether to invest or trade by averaging how many points it has risen and dropped in a day. Seeing how well a stock is doing over a period of time could let the viewer experience long-term trading without having to invest in the stock.

One stock my team used in the Stock Market Game was BBSI, or Barrett Business Services Inc. We invested in this stock because we expected it to rise due to a trend we found where the stock rose nearly twenty points over just a few months. We also invested in BBSI because it was one of the stocks that helped us win the previous year. This stock was very shaky this year, though, and I think that StockEase would have helped us make the most out of BBSI. For example, I could find this stock in the search bar and look at the price of this stock. If it was rising, I could press the “Notify” button on the screen, and I would get notifications once the price lowered. If I invested in this stock, I would get notifications that tell me how well it is doing and if experts predict that it will drop. This could help me determine whether or not to short sell it.

BBSI failed to follow Nasdaq’s continued listing requirement, according to Yahoo. If I had StockEase, it would let me know about this through notifications. BBSI drops often during the day, and StockEase would notify me about that, too. StockEase would also advise me about whether I should trade or keep BBSI according to an average of recent point rises and drops. StockEase could link me to the official website for BBSI to learn about this company’s new releases. This would tell me if the company is doing well. Another link could be to Yahoo Finance, where links to news about BBSI can be found. I can use this to help determine whether I should trade this stock.
StockEase will help long-term investors achieve their goals by giving them links to various websites, notifying them about how well stocks are doing, and predicting which stocks will do well. Investors can use StockEase to check their portfolios and invest in stocks that they would like as well. If you’re ready to take the
bull market by the horns, then StockEase is the app for you!

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