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See A Winning STATE Level Elementary Essay from Spring 2015!

Spring 2015 InvestWrite Grades 4 - 5           STATE WINNER

Essay Question

Imagine good savers or investors are being threatened by an evil force that wants them to spend and squander their money. Create a superhero to protect them against this threat. What would your superhero be called and what powers would your superhero have?

For example, would your superhero have “compounding eyes” and be able to help your money earn interest with just a glance? Or would your superhero have an “autosave ray” that would help you automatically save or invest your money in a mutual fund, a bond, a stock, or some combination of all four?

Be creative as you want but be sure to define what good saving and investing habits are and describe why your superhero’s powers are important to beginning investors.

Winning Student: Macy Kopp
Winning Teacher: Paula Macy
Grade: 5th
Place: Nicholas A. Inman Elementary School, Nixa, MO

Macy's Winning Essay:

The citizens of Stockston were facing one of the biggest stock crashes in history. Dr. Stock Shark or Dr. Double S was the villain behind it all. He is taking over all of the stock companies with blocks of bonds and threatening people to buy all of the stocks in that company, instead of just a portion of them, or just buy no stocks. This is otherwise known as AON (all or none). Dr. Double S has been borrowing a ton of money from the bank and has been in debt for years. His plan is to use all of the money he gets from the stocks to pay it off. Little does he know, this is not the right way to solve his financial problem. But, there is one hope to solve these stock situations…Stocktopus!

Stocktopus is a HUGE stock-saving hero. He has no mouth, so he breathes and talks with his tentacles. He has a special ability to guide and teach other people stock investing strategies. That power of his is very helpful to the “newbie” investors because a lot of the terms and strategies for investing in stocks can be confusing at first. But, Stocktopus guides these people so they don’t stress. Stocktopus has a motto he lives by, “No stress, is the best.”

This power of Stocktopus’s is very important. When I first started the Stock Market Game, I didn’t know what all the terms and conditions meant. It was all confusing me, and I started to stress out. Fortunately, I had some great teachers that helped me understand what the terms and investing strategies were. By playing the Stock Market Game I learned to invest in stocks of companies when the price is low, then sell the stocks when the price is high in order to make money.

Another thing I’ve learned is the difference between mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Stocks are shares in a company, so when you buy one you are buying a part of whichever company you are investing in. A mutual fund is when a group of investors group together to buy stocks or bonds. Mutual funds are usually less risky. A bond is when an investor lends a company money and the company pays back the investor with interest over a certain period of time. So, bonds, mutual funds, and stocks are all different in their own ways.

Lastly, I've learned not to stress in the Stock Market Game and that it's okay to need a little help. With guidance, stock investing is a piece of cake. Stocktopus is a great instructor that helps people understand terms and gives great guidance on what to do in “stocky” situations. Nothing stands in the way of Stocktopus!

Back in Stockston, the citizens were investing in any company, despite how successful the companies were. In front of each computer was a hopeless family of citizens with somber faces. Inside, they were all very anxious. It seemed almost impossible to stop Dr. Double S. But, a ray of hope was soaring straight for them. Literally. Bam! Gold and blue streaked the sky. Out from the sky sprang the stock hero everybody loves… Stocktopus! The citizens of Stockston came out of their houses to see what all the commotion was.

Stocktopus asked the citizens where he could find Dr. Double S. So, the citizens lead Stocktopus to the capitol building where the mayor lived. When Dr. Double S realized he'd been found, his face turned to a huge frown.

With one swift movement Dr. Double S was trapped in the strong tentacles of Stocktopus.

Stocktopus then explained, “Double S, one thing you could have done was take a loan, putting up collateral. Collateral is when money is borrowed from the bank, and something is promised to the bank of equal value of the loan, the money cannot be paid back. Another thing, always research and plan ahead.”

After that pep talk, Dr. Double S was carried off sulking to jail. Stocktopus left in search of another stock problem to solve. So, there is only one person to call in a stock situation...STOCKTOPUS!

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